Community Partners

Antarsukha Yoga with Javad Khansalar

Javad Khansalar is the founder of Antarsukha Yoga and Kayavyuha, a thriving Hatha Yoga school operating in Bangalore, India since 1998. He has also recently reloacted to Canada where he has founded the Antarsukha Yoga school.

Emerging Design & Photography

Great design company from Hamilton (recently moved to Toronto) who did this site, our logo and quite a few of our posters! 

• Was named “Best Photographer” in View Magazine’s Reader’s Poll 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010.
• Winner of “Event Photographer of the Year” - Hamilton Music Industry Awards 2010.
• Nominated for “Event Photographer of the Year” - Hamilton Music Industry Awards 2008 & 2009.
• Winner of “Best Website/Online Publication” for - Hamilton Music Industry Awards 2008.
• Ms. Bell is also the co-founder of Absorb - A Night of Art Etc., an annual mini-arts fest in Hamilton.

Hearts Content Organic Farmstead

Their 57-acre organic farm, right on the Trans-Canada rail trail running from Brantford to Dundas, grow a wide variety of heirloom vegetables. Veggie boxes area available, and soon you’ll be able to sign up online for your CSA share. Interested in making the farm a permaculture site, Heart’s Content has begun the process of growing berries and fruit and nut trees. 

Honest Field Farms

Honest Field Farms’ mission is to grow and sell the freshest, best-tasting produce to provide healthy food for healthy individuals, families and communities.
From June through October, we run a 40-member CSA. We also participate in local farmers’ markets and sell produce to local businesses and nonprofits.

ManoRun Organic Farm

We are proud supporters of ManoRun Organi Farm. They also serve 2 markets in Hamilton: The Dundas Family Market & Locke St. Farmer’s Market.
Or pick your share up at the farm and get to choose your vegetables, spend time with the farm animals and enjoy!

Organic Produce Trading Co.

Since 1990, Organic Products Trading Company has been working directly with small-scale farmers around the world to source high quality green specialty coffee. Our business is built on long-term relationships with Certified Organic and Fair Trade co-operatives as well as conventional farms that focus on improving their communities, their families, and their environment.

Our Father’s Farm

Our mission is to plant the seed of health in your heart and keep it growing.
Our Father’s Farm is located in Dundas, Ontario, Canada, a suburb of Hamilton. On our certified organic farm, we grow and raise our own berries, vegetables, honey bees, meat chickens, eggs, grass fed beef and hay. The orchard includes apricot, cherry and apple trees.
We are known for our Premium Style, Extremely Bitter Apricot Kernels. People drive from far and wide to pick up this amazing superfood that dates back to the Garden of Eden, over 6000 years ago!

Peace Cafes

Peace Cafés are safe community spaces dedicated to developing a Culture of Peace at the community level through dialogue, conversation, workshops, and a library of peace resources along with wholesome food and drink options.

Plan B Organic Farms

Our partners ARE our community. Plan B is in their 19th season growing organic produce at their 50 acre farm in Flamborough. Certified Organic by OCCP-Pro-Cert Canada, Plan B also provides accessible, affordable, and freshly harvested organic produce to households in our region.