SAT JULY 30 - Kill The Oppresor’s Extreme Freak Variety Show and Homegrown’s Last Gas at 27 King


This is it. This is the last show in this space. This is the Omega. Featuring a slew of mind bending and gut wrenching acts. Bring a barf bag and don't wear white!!
A VARIETY/CIRCUS/ART/FREAK SHOW Hosted by Steph aka Killtheoppressor aka The Liontamer
Mustard hugz (sound experiments, comedy) ft. Better homes for meaner people
Thoughts On Air (musical soundscapes)
Nostril caverns (chris balch's(time of death) (sudbury-milton)1st live presentation of an act that is 20 albums deep (math metal noise on drums synth and guitar ft. David turnbull from sudbury on drums as well yes 2 drum kits)
Debut of new soundscapes with collaborative members (steph, douglas murphy, david turnbull and guests)
As well as live tattooing, freakshow, fire performance, and illusions, live art, visual projections, posters and canvases, costumes, mystery drinks, competitions, prizes, fun for all to be had
Giving way to the incredible
Whose wall of sound is sure to bring people to another dimension