Old And Weird came to us from Halifax and put on such a rad show with our local fav’s GlassEYElashes! Check out the video (there’s more after the jump!)

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It was a great crowd for the Most People set at the Wavelength Road Show! This duo is originally from the Hamilton / Burlington area, and their songs are just mesmerizing!

Chef Marg Ann taught us something new today about eggs! Ever wondered if yours are fresh? Here’s a life hack:
Take your egg and drop it in a bowl of water. If it sinks to the bottom, it’s fresh. If it stands on end, it’s still fresh but on it’s way out. If it floats, throw it away!!

It’s like a mini Halifax takeover tonight starting at 9pm, with Quaker Parents and Old And Weird! Of course we’ve got a splash of local musical flavour, with GlassEYELashes too. Here’s a vid of our local loves, when they played a show at Homegrown in January!

Homegrown In Session - meet the new house band! Here they are getting set up and warming up. The tunes just keep flowing!! Don’t miss this new Monday night music experience!

Why, yes we ARE kicking off Saturday night with a $6 show! Come rock out with Holy Roller, Fun Fact and The Big Lonely. We’ll have drink specials and the usual Homegrown good vibes flowing on King William Street all night!
This video is from Holy Roller’s FIRST SHOW EVER and it was awesome.

Some links if you’ve got a “case of the curiosities” about the lineup:

KIRBY showed up at Open Jam tonight and brought some spine chilling vocals and utterly impressive original songs. More video from the jam after the jump!

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Everybody was Kung Fu fightinggggg!!!

We wanted to get you in the mood for a night of music even better than this original gangsta tune - we’re talking about The Human Race, Better Homes For Meaner People, Demonihil, Annette Green, Keisha Neoma Quinn, Dj Chong Long and DJ LP, but we digress… YAY! It’s the KUNG FU MUSIC NIGHT, a Benefit Show for Sifu Paul Stiles, and we can’t wait!!

Check out this sweet 11+ minute vid of the cypher at last month’s May Steel Gold!!! Hamilton, you’re talented.

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