At Homegrown Hamilton all our coffee is freshly roasted on-site, using only fair trade and organic green beans from around the world. That’s why we feel so good about our coffee; not only are we serving you the most ethical and environmentally sustainable cup of coffee we can, we know it’s just about the best tasting cup of joe you’ll find anywhere.

Brother’s Labour

Dark Roast & Full Body

A bold dark roast coffee that is full of flavour and kick, sure to get you going in the morning!

Co-op Blend

Medium / Dark Roast & Medium Body

The original blend, this is still one of our most popular. Roasted to perfection, this coffee has full flavour and body and is perfect day or night.


Dark Roast & Full Body

100% Fair Trade & Organic Cafe Femenino. This is a well balanced, dark roasted full-bodied, honey-sweet coffee with notes of cinnamon spice.


Light Roast & Light Body

Earth Mother Espresso

Medium / Dark Roast & Full Body

Our Espresso blend consists of three beans of distinct origin that produces a coffee rich in flavour with an amazing crema.

Ethiopian Harrar

Medium Roast & Medium Body

Fair Trade, Organic. Has a strong dry edge, winy to fruit like acidity, rich aroma, and a heavy body and also undertones of blueberries or blackberries.

Ethiopian Sidamo

Medium Roast & Medium Body

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Medium Roast & Full Body

Fair Trade, Organic. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee bean is the most favored coffee grown in southern Ethiopia. It is more mild, fruit-like, and aromatic than Harrar and has an elegant finish.

Guatemalan El Quiche

Medium Roast & Light Body


Medium Roast & Medium Body

Organic Sisters

Medium Roast & Medium / Light Body

A lighter coffee, made from two origins, that is smooth, mild and very tasty. 

Papua New Guinea

Dark Roast & Full Body

Fair Trade, Organic. PNG coffee is well-balanced with a fruity aroma and earthy body, and generally has less acidity than other fine Indonesian coffees.


Medium Roast & Light Body

Café Femenino® - Fair Trade, Organic. Cafe Femenino Peru is a light/med bodied coffee with a fine acidity, sweet aroma and hints of baker’s chocolate that are accentuated by a slow roast. Café Femenino beans are the first and only beans grown exclusively by women farmers. This program is designed to help girls and women get an education and to come out of poverty. The Café Femenino line is helping women in different countries improve their lives and lifestyles.

Peru Decaf

Dark Roast & Medium Body

Sumatran Dark

Dark Roast & Full Body

Fair Trade & Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain. From the Gayo Mountains, where coffee is carefully tended by farmers and coffee is grown and handled in accordance with strict regulations and practice and cultivated, harvested, and naturally processed without the use of chemicals or pesticide. Sumatran coffees have long been prized by coffee aficionados for their full flavor, magnificently heavy body and mellow acidity.