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We can’t tell you who’s playing, we can’t tell you who’s going, but we can tell you that it’s going down!


Snaggle - http://www.snagglemusic.com

Namedroppers https://namedroppers.bandcamp.com

Itzkotron https://soundcloud.com/itzkotron

$10 or Pay What You Can
8pm doors
9pm show

Often described as Canada’s answer to Snarky Puppy, Snaggle combines influences from jazz, rock, metal, classical and everything else they can get their hands on to create their own brash and infectious brand of hard funk. With influences ranging from Miles Davis to Rage Against the Machine, Snaggle features a repertoire of exciting, dynamic and entirely original material. This all-star line up of players, including the fastest drummer in the entire world, are among some of the best 20-somethings on the scene and represent the next generation of Canadian talent.

The band has been hard at work on their second studio album ‘The Long Slog’ which will be released on the Browntasauras record label On October 2nd 2016.


The Racoon Wedding
Bad Reed http://www.badreedband.com/
Shawn Kerr https://shawnkerr.bandcamp.com/
$10/Pay What You Can
9 doors
10 show


YES! That’s right we have a whole night of musicians that don’t need no backing band to be loud. Dance, Drink and Party with a bunch of humans that sound like 4 piece rock and roll bands. For Fans of Mary Poppins and hauling too much gear
9pm $8/Pay What You Can
SnowHeel Slim (Cayuga) https://www.facebook.com/tooton/posts/10156622946415099
Bradleyboy (Orono) https://getbentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-farm-gb009
Fireball Grant (London) https://fireballgrant.bandcamp.com/
Sammy Duke (K-W) http://www.sammyduke.com/



haolin munk http://haolinmunk.bandcamp.com/

Nezqwik (first show) https://m.facebook.com/Nezqwik.Band/
7 piece neo jazz fusion

8pm doors
9pm show
$10 or pay what you can

“A HammerCity heavy hitter and one of the best live shows in the whole damn Steelz. The Haolin Munk brothers could pass as a mild-mannered Jazz Quartet…until the beat drops.” - Lee Reed


3 doors
4 show
Hardcore Punk matinee with Opposition Rising (Boston Ma. Ex Toxic Narcotic) and local faves Artificial Dissemination, Sick of Shit and Bacon!!!

19+ / $8 at door


Yeah we gotta move but that doesn’t mean we ain’t still partying! ONE LAST OPEN MIC THIS SATURDAY with your pal Steve Vincent De Piante aka Deeps bring your guitbox sonny jim!
8pm sign up
9pm open mic
11pm jam


Come join Hamilton locals ‘Honsi’ and Emay with Toronto electronic duo lal and amazing Yellowknife Duo ‘Quantum Tangle’. Get ready for a night of storytelling, blues, electronic and funk music, taking in stories

$10 (no one turned away)
9pm doors
10pm show starts

10pm Emay
10:45pm Quantum Tangle
11:30pm lal
12:15 Honsi

more info on bands:
Info on artists (more info soon):

Quantum Tangle (Yellowknife)

Fusing of old-world sounds and new-world flair, Greyson Gritt and Tiffany Ayalik are embracing their blended backgrounds. Combining their talents of throat singing, haunting melodies and traditional legends, Gritt and Ayalik are excited to present a circumpolar mix of flavours from across Canada and Greenland. As Ayalik charismatically embodies her stories, Gritt infuses it with a rock soul to create an experience that consumes the senses.

lal (Toronto)
Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray, better known as the Toronto-based Electronic duo LAL, have deep roots within the Canadian music scene with 18 years of performing and an expansive catalogue of innovative records to their credit. Their latest album, Find Safety, is the result of three years of studio work, offering a compellingly danceable and provocative political statement all at once.

With influences encompassing Fela Kuti, Massive Attack, Pete Rock and Detroit Techno, Find Safety is lyrically informed by LAL’s community shows at their home concert space, as well as their ongoing support of social justice causes and art projects, with an emphasis on Queer and/or BIPOC issues. The album overall addresses a need to create safer spaces for themselves and their friends, and musically is a masterful blend of synth and sample-based minimalism. Or as they prefer to call it, 4 a.m. music.


Honsi (Hamilton)
Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/Honsiband


Come celebrate love, art and community in the last art showing at the original HOMEGROWN location, featuring the work of over 30 local female artists. Enjoy the chillen vibes of DJ LP and a beer tasting by Collective Arts Brewery.

Featured Artists
Sandee Ewasiuk
Jennifer “BEE” Burns
Sarah Ivy Hardy
Ellen Irving
Isabella Deangelis
Keisha Neoma-Quinn
Juliana Lachance
Emma Roberts
Cornelia Peckart
Amanda Wedekin
Joan Krygsman
Jenny Montoya
Lena Montecalvo
Susan Phipps
Kristan Billing
Marsha Z
Helen Griffiths
Julia Veenstra
Jody Shaboluk
Madeline Wilson
Nancy Benoy
Petra Matar
Natasha Stavnitzky
Ella Medakovic
Favour Adesina
Charolette Soloman
Lori Yates
Jasmine MacCharles
Susan Edwards
Katie Mun
Valerie Cousens
Linda Taillon

Others to be announced!!!!!!!!


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